“Marketing Technologies in the Museum Communications Field”

September 23 - 25, 2015

“Marketing Technologies in the Museum Communications Field”

September 23 – 25, 2015

The State Museum of the History of Religion invites submissions for proposal for participation in the internship “Marketing Technologies in the Museum Communications Field”.

One of the greatest current challenges is in building of the complex extended communication model, which enables not only dynamic increase of the attendance and engaging of non-budgetary funding but development of all types of museum activity as well. Solution of this problem is impossible without professional analysis and marketing strategies and technologies adaptation for the museum field.

The internship brings together scholars and researches from a wide range of academic backgrounds including managers of PR, Marketing Departments and Media offices, employees responsible for the museum web-sites and accounts in the Social Medias or coordinating activity of the museum shops and souvenirs development, and etc.

The program includes:

· Positioning of a museum in the social and cultural field of a region, in a range of the Russian and foreign museums. Audience analysis.

· Rival brand formation mechanisms as a mark of reliance for audience and QA of the museum product.

· Success on the intellectual services market and possibility of the diversification growth: spread of a range of forms and methods of activities, special sessions for the youth and seniors, lectures, talks and panels.

· Partnership as a system resource for a museum development. “Conversion” of high social demand into finance resources.

· Visual museum image: style identity of a museum case.

· A museum and Mass Media in the IT age.

· Virtual strategies of the museum marketing communications: a museum web-site, social media activity, analytic tools.

· Museum souvenirs in a museum store: European experience and Russian reality.

Visiting sessions to the Saint-Petersburg museums are supposed.

A high-profile panel in the final of the internship will discuss issues related to the program goals and possible partnership. It's a chance to share your work experience and present your author projects.

Transportation, accommodation, and other expenses are to be covered by the applicants’ organizations (no registration fee).

Application form are to be kindly submitted to razvitie@relig-museum.ru. Deadline for submissions of application forms is 15 September 2015.

Summary of the paper, and an abstract (no more than 500 signs) for panel participation are to be kindly submitted to razvitie@relig-museum.ru. Deadline for submissions of papers’ summaries is 15 September 2015.

For more information, please contact:

Ekaterina Volkova

Head of PR-Department

T. +7 (812) 314 58 10



Application form

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14/5, Pochtamtskaya Street, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 190000

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