First Internet Festival of Museum Multimedia ‘Museum Geek’

Ministry of Сulture of the Russian Federation

State Museum of History of Religion


In 2014 the State Museum of History of Religion holds the first Internet Festival of museum multimedia ‘Museum Geek’. The Festival is created to support innovative computer and multimedia programs for museums. Its aim is to foreground the topic of new professional competencies of the museum community.

From 27 January until 18 May 2014 the main events of the Festival will take place on the official site of the Museum. They will include the announcement of the competition, submission of applications, demonstration of projects, which participate in the competition, public voting and discussion.

On 22-23 October the Festival will be concluded with the conference ‘Multimedia in a museum: goals, problems, realization’ in the State Museum of History of Religion (St. Petersburg).

14/5, Pochtamtskaya Street, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 190000

(812) 315-30-80